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Nice reflections on bike travel (French and English).

Bonne route!

Il y a un peu moins d’un an, sur un coup de tête, j’achetais un vélo et partais sur l’Eurovelo 6 pour traverser la France pendant une semaine.

Je n’ai jamais particulièrement apprécié le cyclisme, je ne me suis jamais passionnée pour le Tour de France. Le vélo, pour moi, se résumait à des souvenirs, à des après midi entières à faire la course avec les enfants du quartier dans mes premières années, à la baie de San Francisco sous le soleil de février sur une journée un peu plus tard.

Pourtant cette semaine le long de la Loire m’a convaincue qu’il fallait très vite que je reparte, de manières plus organisée cette fois, conquérir les routes sur mon fidèle destrier Pégase (l’auteure de mes jours est à l’origine de ce nom).

Je me permets donc de vous donner les 7 bonnes raisons qui me poussent  à repartir à vélo…

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Cycling without borders – on eurovelo.com

The first in a series of our articles written for the European Cyclists’ Federation is now online at eurovelo.com 

As well as news and stories from fellow cycle tourists, you can find an overview of each European route to help you get planning your next trip!<

Ed boat sunset

Fame awaits… inspiring words from a fellow London-Istanbul biker.

Myles Away

In an age where the monstrosity of pointless celebrities take over our airwaves and headlines;  Big Brother, X-Factor and Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend Forever are just not going to be enough to satisfy the needs of a fame craving population.

I have a solution that may take the pressure off the more traditional methods.

In just 3 months I have become a local celebrity phenomenon from Hungary through half a continent into Turkey.

  • Do you want the adoration of screaming kids on bicycles and constant beeping of car and lorry horns?
  • Do you want to command free cups of tea and gifts of chocolate from passers-by?
  • Do you want  to be the center of attention with inquisitive questions and smiles?
  • Do you want to be hot property with offers of a private nature and invitations to meet the most highly esteemed local officials?

If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes’…

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Why “furious” green ideas??

A not-so-subtle reference to the work of Noam Chomsky – an inspiration not only for his work in linguistics but also for his activism and his environmentalism.

Although we’re generally pretty calm people, there are plenty of things in this world to be furious about. This blog is about using our fury to good effect and becoming active inthe things we care about – the environment, cycling, language and travel, food and drink.

Idea number 1 – cycle the length of Europe, from London to Istanbul. In doing so, we want to show as many people as possible along the way how great cycling is – whether for a long distance budget holiday or just for getting to work in the morning. By using, promoting and reporting about the EuroVelo routes (more here) we’ll provide proof that you can have a better, healthier, more sustainable holiday, soon to be made even easier with the completion of 14 uninterrupted cycle routes across the continent.

We set off in August, and preparations have already begun: planning the route, getting into cycling shape for our 150km a day regime, and arranging promotional events with local cycling associations in the 13 countries we will pass through.

Watch this space for updates on this and future projects!

Ben & Ed


Our route crosses 13 countries and follows three main EuroVelo routes : Route 5 ‘Via Romana’ Route 6 along the river Danube, and Route 13, the Iron curtain trail. Setting off on August 10th, we hope to reach Istanbul in just over a month.


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